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The new plan for the Sok Cambodia orphanage

This is a new plan for the future of the Orphanage that needs all of you to help us!

We have had a plan for many years to move the orphanage but we haven't managed to succeed yet. We still have to rent a house and we have stayed in the same place for many years. We have to pay a rent of about 300$ per month. The owner and her family don't have a big compassion for us and her families use the same water, sewage and electricity as us but we have to pay for the cost each month, which takes a lot of money. 

I know they have wanted us to move from the land for a long time. This year we have big problem in that the owner is planning to build a new house close to us. We don't have any choice about letting them build the new house if we want to stay, even though we know it will be a bad situation. We cannot make the lots of money necessary to move the orphanage or for finding a new place. 

We have to find money to live day to day and month by month. We experience a lot of suffering and pain with this situation all time. All the money that we can make from our tour guide service and from our sweet friends and from people who are volunteer to give a donation to us, goes straight away to the care of the children in the orphanage.

Our everyday costs include: food, kitchen supplies, school payment, house renting, health care, school uniform, electricity, making some trips and organizing some celebrations for the children and payment to the seven staff in the orphanage. As well, we do some charity work to help children in the government village school. Because we don't work with any big sponsoring organizations or with a big charity we don't have the money we need. All we have are the supporters of this project around the world.

We can't save the money to buy the new land and build the house for the children to have their own place. Even if we could it would take a long, long time. In our future dream we need to buy a plot of land about 50m x 60m a little outside the town. About 7km from the city this plot of land price will cost $35,000 USD. Building the house, including material supply and worker payment about will cost about $25,000 USD. Making the total cost of everything $60,000 USD including the land, the house and the construction. 

We know it will take a long time to make this plan successful but we have to dream even if it will take a long time. In the short term we can wait and hope that one day god will be able to help us too. We need all of you, our family of good people around the world to help us by giving any donation you can afford - small or big - any little amount is better than nothing. 

Help us to support and develop the lives of the children in the orphanage. Help us so that the Orphanage can continue successfully in the future, when we hope all of you, our family of sweet friends, will come and visit us. We need all of you to help us and join with us. We cannot survive without all of our family of good people. Many thanks to all you, our family, for making such a big difference to the lives of the children and people in Cambodia. Wishing god's blessing to you and your family all time. Thank you for everything and all your help.

Warmest regards,
Mr. Sok . Foundation Director.

You can donate to the following bank account:
ACLEDA Bank Plc, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Chips UID:415637
In the name of: Cambodia Children’s Sanctuary
Account number: 0100-10-342648-1-8

Or you can post us a US Cheque or money order to:
Cambodian Children's Sanctuary .
StreetN-6, Kruosh Village, Svaydangkum Commune, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia

Family Supporter

"We had to flee our home country, Bosnia, and started a new life in Austria from scratch. We are grateful for our new life and would like to support Sok's  children in Cambodia, who have also had a difficult start in life."
Mirha& Edin, Austria

"When my daughter, Rikke, and family returned from Cambodia, they showed me pictures and told me about Sok and all his hard work to give his 30 children a better life and keep them off the street. They also told me that the orphanage has to move out of the house by the end of the year, and I decided to join the project in order to help Sok and the children in their efforts to find a new home and create a safe, stabile and happier life for them all."
Elise, Denmark

"Every evening, I am happy to lie in my lovely bed with a roof over my head and my family around me. I feel safe and loved by my children, grandchildren and other caring people. I would like to pass on a bit of this feeling to Sok's children, and that requires, amongst other things, financial support."
Maria & Josef, Austria

"I just want to donate some money knowing that it will help somebody. Instead of asking „why donate?“, I simply ask „why not?“."
Karoline, Austria

"I want to support Sok’s orphanage in Cambodia because I believe that this project is a way to provide help in the long run. In contrast to other donation campaigns, I know who receives the contributions and what is done with the money. Also, from what Rikke and Daniel told me, Sok seems to be an idealistic and altruistic director of the orphanage. Since I admire such attitude, I want to make a small contribution to this project. “Our world” is very materialistic and it does not hurt to give some money to “other parts of the world” where daily life is not that easy."          
Petra, Austria

"As me and my family have enough money to lead a comfortable life, we ought to think about those who are not as fortunate as we are."
Matthias, Austria

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